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Berkshire Business-Men Art League Exhibit, 1941
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Regarding Woodward

"Robert S. Woodward's 'Hill Farm' (26) and 'Fall Fires' (24) are two interesting landscapes painted in the Berkshire hills. The Hill Farm is especially captivating in its uncompromising veracity, its portraiture of a novel and beautiful motive, with its foreground of ledges, farmyard, barns and farmhouse, perched on a slope which leads the eye down to a broad and sweet valley and the hills beyond it, diapered by cloud-shadows, and, as it were, sleeping in the sunshine."

Noteworthy Items

This is Woodward's first truly big exhibition. A month later he would exhibit at the National Academy of Design in NYC.

The first of its kind for the staunchly traditional Boston Art Club it was controversial within the walls of the club membership. The exhibition series itself only lasted 10 years. It was immediately done away with upon a change in leadership of the Exhibitions Committee.

Exhibit consist of only 42 paintings, and the critic remarks on the work of only six artist in his article. Woodward is one of them! Not bad for a first timer in such highly regarded company. Actually we consider this quite impressive.

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